Grindr, Saghdar, agus Cher

Fíbín sa Taibhdhearc and Galway International Arts Festival presents ‘Grindr, Saghdar agus Cher’.

Three young LGBTQ+ characters. Three dramatic, interwoven stories. Three different perspectives on one fateful night.

A country man takes his first step across the threshold of the city’s gaybar. A lesbian finds herself at a “Build a Willy” event at her cousin’s hen party. A scene queen gives himself an unexpected haircut that only one other man will see.

Energetic, urgent and thought provoking, Grindr, Saghdar agus Cher is a journey that explores complexities, possibilities and dangers of being young and LGBTQ+ in contemporary Ireland. This punchy one hour show poses questions about just how understanding and accepting we really are in our post-woke society

Performed in Irish with English Surtitles available at an Taibhdhearc.

Written and starring Ciara Ní É, Eoin Mc Evoy, and Sam Ó Fearraigh. 

Directed by Stephen Darcy. 

Music and Sound Design by HK Ní Shioradáin.

Lighting Design by Blú Hanley. 

Set Design by Prionsias Ó Coimín.