“There’s a lot brought to this production by the sound (HK Ní Shioradáin); clever sound effects mirror Hartin’s spiralling descriptions of the inner workings of her brain…the sound elevates it all” – The Reviews Hub, 4.5 stars

“HK Ní Shioradáin’s excellently, neurotically nefarious sound design both set Mercy in the ambiguous, unnerving space of self-perception and performance” – University Times 

From 18th April to the 22nd April 2023 in the New Theatre, LemonSoap Productions presented Piglet, a story of obsession, violence, fish and chips, Jennifer Coolidge impressions, lost love and what it’s like to lose the life you’ve always dreamt of. 

Starring Lora Hartin and Sophie Lenglinger
Written and Directed by Ultan Pringle
Composition and Sound Design by HK Ní Shioradáin
Lighting Design and Photography by Owen Clarke
Stage Management by Jack Scott Shanley
Costume Design by Toni Bailey
Logo & Poster Design by Allie Whelan
Produced by Lisa Nally