A Chinese woman sitting across from a white man at a café. They are sitting in front of a window which is ornate. Above them is the text 'Falling for the Life of Alex Whelan'
A green ice cream with the word Pistachio above it in green, on a white background.
A poster with the title 'The Scratcher' on an orange background with etchings scratched off. Underneath is a woman with dark hair wearing a green coat with scratch cards on the inside.
A poster if a man and a woman floating in the air, against a white and blue background.
A poster of a woman underwater, wearing a white night dress. The words Suzy Storck are underneath her in yellow.
A poster with the title 'The Loved Ones'. It has a blue background of the sky and four women at the bottom looking off into the distance.

Current Projects

Video from Dec 2023 Workshop
Development in the New Theatre
Backstage Theatre Longford Residency

The Faggot Manifesto is a musical with music and lyrics by HK and book by writer Ultan Pringle. It began as a workshop in 2020 to explore assimilation vs radicalization in the queer community in Ireland. Subsequent support and funding was received from Backstage Theatre Longford. HK was awarded an Arts Council Agility Award 2021 to continue development on this musical. In July 2022, they did a workshop in the New Theatre with funding and support from Lemon Soap Productions. Subsequent development commenced in December 2023 courtesy of Arts Council’s Theatre Project Award.